Control system and monitoringThe cremation furnaces and the filter and flue gas purification system are controlled automatically and monitored by a computer system. The fully automatic control uses the Siemens S7 system with Profibus and visualisation with WinCC. All components comply with industrial standards and are available as spare parts at any time. The system has open programming to leave you as operator completely independent.

The cremation furnaces and the filter and flue gas purification system are installed in such a way, that the plant can be controlled and monitored from a central point. The following operating conditions are monitored for each furnace.

  • Duration of the cremation process
  • Residual time of the cremation process
  • Temperature of the main cremation chamber
  • Temperature of the post cremation chamber
  • Operation pressure in the furnace
  • Phase of the cremations process
  • Oxygen content in the furnace exhaust
  • Operation condition of the purification system
  • Temperatures of/in the whole plant
  • Underpressures in the whole plant
  • Various emission values
  • Position of furnace's door
  • Trouble reports


A continual and manual controlling of the operational data is not necessary. Possible troubles will be optically and acoustically notified. For each cremation process the following operational data are recorded and archived.

  • Temperatures of two positions in the furnace
  • Air supply at several positions in the furnace
  • Carbon monoxide content in the furnace exhaust
  • Operational data of the purification system and emission values
  • Technical data (configuration and trouble reports, etc.)


Control system and monitoring

A coloured graphic can be printed for each cremation process and for any desired space of time. Also graphics, events, troubles can be requested after many months. For this purpose only entering the date into the pc system is necessary. While analyzing these graphics and tables troubles and anomalous processes can be figured out.

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