We supply a system which combines or facilitates the following steps: the ash box is taken from the cremation furnace or storage position and brought to the extraction hood (cabinet). The ash box is placed in the extraction hood which is closed on three sides, and the lid is removed.

The cremation number stone and parts which cannot be ground (prostheses, synthetic limbs) are removed by hand; this process causes dust turbulence which is extracted by the hood. Large metal parts are separated out by a manual magnet which is switched on as required, this again causes dust turbulence which is safely extracted by the hood

One of the best ash mills on the European market

  • The machine separates the residues and valuables contained in the ash into separate boxes.
  • After filling the urn, the residues are removed and sealed in the working table.
  • The ash mill has already been installed in many crematoriums (see reference list).


Inside the extraction hood there is an opening in the table with the old metal container positioned below it. This ensures that the dust is extracted completely even when metal parts are thrown in (and when emptying the collection box from the ash mill). The ash box is brought to the ash mill and placed in the (individually adjusted) feed structure. The feed device fastening is closed. A button is pressed to start the machine, which automatically separates out the remaining magnetic substances and lets them fall into a collection box.

The grinding process is started: it lasts approx. 30 seconds and the urn is then filled automatically. At regular intervals (it is obvious from the sound of the grinding process when this is necessary), the non-magnetic residues can be removed from the mill by a centrifuge. These substances are valuables (e.g. gold fillings) and are conveyed by the centrifuge to a separate collection box.

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