EinäscherungsofenWe assist both public and private crematoriums with the construction of new facilities and modernisation of existing ones. We not only supply modern cremation systems but also offer extensive accessories for the range of equipment needed by crematoriums.

Compliance with valid environment protection regulations is always an important element of all considerations. We have specialised in the development of flue gas purification systems according to the environment protection regulations valid in Germany and the European Union, to minimise pollutants, destroy them entirely or make them suitable for recycling. Similarly, the services we offer throughout Germany and Europe also include all planning tasks and architect's services which we can gladly perform for you when constructing new facilities or modernising existing ones.

Since 1993, Metall-Technik GmbH has specialised in the German and European market for cremation systems and accessories. Growing acceptance of cremation procedures in the population at large together with demographic and economic aspects have had a great influence on the construction of new crematoriums and the modernisation of existing facilities.

Finally, and this is a special aspect for our company, environment protection has to be considered in this context as well, with the need to limit or completely avoid the emission of any pollutants. As a result, there have been constant new developments in the processes and systems for crematoriums. In particular the aspects environment protection, occupational safety and economic efficiency have prompted our engineers, technicians and commercial staff to refer to the company as "full service partner".

Lots of information is required for every project, whether this involves the construction of a new crematorium or modernisation of existing facilities. We offer detailed, individual advice not only regarding the technical aspects of cremation systems but also with information about the economic situation, looking at possible business models and financing possibilities. We also want to help our customers through smooth permission and licensing procedures, as well as enabling them to comply with valid environment protection regulations. Metall-Technik GmbH does not merely supply the furnace and technical systems but offers its services to towns, local authorities and also private companies right from the start of the process.

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