Lots of information is required for every project, whether constructing new facilities or modernising existing ones. We provide detailed, individual advice not only about the technical aspects of cremation systems but also with regard to the economic situation, business models, financing possibilities etc.

We want to be more than "just" the furnace supplier: instead, we see ourselves as an all-round partner for your ideas and planning intentions. We attach great importance to complying with the very latest environment protection regulations. Depending on the erection site of a facility and the environment protection regulations valid there, modern furnaces with CO-controlled thermal oxidising systems are used, possibly together with catalytic or adsorptive flue gas purification.

We are fundamentally of the opinion that pollutants in flue gas should be minimised, destroyed or made suitable for recycling. The systems must be safe and easy for staff to operate. This is why we do not use activated carbon (Sorbalit, furnace coke, etc.) as continuous additive. Instead, we use catalysers and, if necessary, regenerative adsorbers. This achieves the best possible overall protection for the environment.

On-going further development of our systems means that they are constantly being optimised and simplified. Today we supply systems which are some of the easiest in the world to operate with minimum maintenance. As our customer, you only should be the system operator, without acting as a process engineer.

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