Furnace technologyWe offer cremation furnaces in medium-duty flatbed furnace design. The furnaces are produced in our own factory and can be commissioned shortly after installation in the crematorium. We offer state-of-the-art cremation furnaces. Flatbed furnaces are used which in the simplest form can be placed on the flat floor ready for operation.

We offer different furnace models from our production range, which are always selected individually according to capacity requirements, available space and special conditions.

The overall concept must comply with your demands in terms of maximum flexibility, capacity and budget. The furnace is usually erected directly on the floor (on the same level as the flue gas purification system). A basement or multi-storey building is not vitally necessary.

We offer cremation furnaces with capacity for up to 4,000 cremations p.a. in 3-shift operation. The cremation furnaces - and naturally the entire filter system - are fully automatic with PC control and visualisation. When equipped with remote access modules, the system can be monitored, configured or even manually controlled by our service team. This safeguards fastest assistance should any problems occur.

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