Recently in Germany there has been an increase in demand from animal owners for cremation systems for animals and pets.

On the basis of our many years of experience, we can gladly offer the planning and erection of such facilities with accessories

Here the aim is to provide a dignified overall concept rated to the individual requirements for animal cremation.

That what already belongs in European neighboring countries and in the USA to the everyday life, to bury domestic animals and pets, encounters also in Germany large interest.

While there were only approximately 40 animal cemeteries in Germany for example in the year 1996, now this number rose in the last years to far more than 100 animal cemeteries.

However, animal funerals and animal cemeteries are not a relict of our modern time, because in France is one of the oldest animal cemetery of Europe, which was already created in the year 1857.

Altogether it applies to carry out a willful and individually total concept designed for the requirements of burying animals and pets - for this we offer consultation and planning.

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